Tim Arata is a Partner at Locale Solutions. Here’s some information about him:

Tim’s LinkedIn Profile

Immediately prior to co-founding Locale, Tim worked for eleven years at Apple. He joined Apple six months before the first iPhone was launched. He then spent 1.5 years managing Localization and Content at WhatsApp. As interesting as that is, it’s actually more interesting to understand his passion around this particular topic and course.

Locale Solutions (and Tim in particular) has long been curious about the ubiquitous us/them aspect of the sales process. Tim’s curiosity remained and grew during his 18+ years in localization. Much of the course’s foundation is built upon questions Tim and his partners have been asking buyers, industry peers, corporate departments, and vendors for well over a decade. Starting Locale finally enabled them to put this training together. Tim and his partners consider this course part of their greater mission to build bridges between buyers and suppliers so that a.) the industry moves forward as efficiently as possible, and b.) higher value-add thinking and conversation can supplant mistrust, useless bickering, and continued misunderstandings.