Championing Change Master Class

You have the vision to make real productive change in your organization. But how do you gain the trust of peers, get the buy-in from management and create a plan to make that change happen? Become the change agent your organization has been asking for!

Championing Change Master Class
Championing Change Master Class

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Eva Klaudinyova



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Championing Change Master Class

Building trust and gaining buy-in to effectively influence change above and across organizations.

Master Class Course Dates

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You have the vision to make real productive change in your organization.

But how do you gain the trust of peers, get the buy-in from management and create a plan to make that change happen?

That’s exactly what you learn from Championing Change with Eva Klaudinyova.

This inspiring 4-part course brings together Eva’s hard-won personal experience influencing change at companies like VMare and Apple plus an exhaustively researched compilation of change management lessons from industry leaders, psychologists and academics. All distilled down into the essentials localization professionals need to lead change within your teams, get the buy-in from your leadership and even bring change across to the teams and organizations you partner with. You’ll also gain hands-on skills as you build your own change management plan as part of the class!

Skills you’ll build

  • How to build trust, influence others and gain buy-in for your ideas.

  • How to navigate complex corporate dynamics and make them work for you as you drive change.

  • How to ensure your ideas are successfully adopted.

With Championing Change you’ll become the change agent your team has been begging for!

Eva organized and moderated a highly-rated keynote panel on this topic of change leadership and management at LocWorld49 in San Jose, California back in November 3rd, 2022. More than 150 people attended the session that also included Uber’s Hameed Afssari, TELUS International’s Siobhan Hanna, and Motorola Solutions’ Paula Hunter and it was one of the highest-rated sessions of the entire event.

This course is for:

Anyone in any position on the Buyer or Supplier side, who needs to influence and drive change in any direction within their own organization or across organizations:

  • Employees trying to get buy-in from their peers, other teams or their management

  • Leaders trying to lead change within their teams or across the organization

  • Service providers trying to evangelize and drive change with their clients

Minimum Experience: 2+ years of project management experience. Program-level experience and above is a plus but no actual people management experience is required!

Please note: recording or republishing any of the class sessions is prohibited. We do this in order for students to be able to speak and share experiences freely with the instructor and their fellow classmates in a comfortable and safe environment without fear that something they say might later be made public.



Session 1: Stakeholder Influence: Navigating Organizational Dynamics to Affect Change

Monday, February 27

This session explains the framework of corporate dynamics and lays out a strategy to navigate the complex relationships in order to influence change. It focuses on building relationships with your stakeholders and your partners – including some practical steps you can take to build new relationships and improve your existing business relationships.

Session 2: Managing Up: Influencing and Persuading Leadership

Monday, March 6

This session explains how to build credibility through different behaviors, and lays out steps you need to take when you’re trying to persuade others. It also introduces basic workstyles of 4 different types of leaders, their positive and negative traits, their drivers, and how you can learn to speak their language in order to win their buy-in.

Session 3: Overcoming Resistance: Using Change Management and Change Leadership

Monday, March 13

This session explains how and why people resist change and provides 4 proven strategies to help teams and individuals overcome change resistance. It contrasts change management with change leadership and illustrates 6 change leader archetypes. This session also provides useful information and tips on how to lead change from the middle (rather than from the top) to keep teams inspired throughout the change process.

Session 4: Building A Business Case. Review of Your Change Management Plan

Monday, March 20

This session provides a framework for building a simple business case. We will also review the change management plan you’ve been working on throughout the previous three sessions.

About Your Instructor

Eva Klaudinyova

Eva Klaudinyova has been leading change in the localization industry since 2000, first rebuilding client accounts working for a language services provider Medialocate, then building localization programs and teams while implementing new globalization strategies for companies such as VeriSign, VMware, and Apple. She is a Cofounder, Board member, and Secretary of Women in Localization. Eva is currently an Associate Professor of Professional Practice at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, imparting her knowledge and longstanding localization and leadership experience to graduate students of translation and localization management. She is from Slovakia, is multilingual, and holds MAs in Foreign Language Teaching and Translation.



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