Project Managers Round Table

The Project Managers Round Table promotes a better understanding of the localization project management environment on both sides of the industry, as well as develop a clear image through discussion of the dynamics of the localization activities on the client and vendor sides.

Project Managers Round Table
Project Managers Round Table

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90 minutes per session (extra 20 minutes for session 1 for introductions)

Willem Stoeller



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Project Manager’s Round Table

Localization project management is a constantly evolving field that requires competent and informed leaders. The Project Manager’s Round Table provides a current, in-depth understanding of advanced topics facing the localization industry. It does so by igniting extensive discussions brought forth by short presentations that have been thoughtfully selected by an experienced advisory board.

By joining this round table, you’ll walk away with:

· a better understanding of the current localization project management environment
· a deep-dive into the dynamics of the localization activities on the client and vendor sides
· an opportunity to network and discuss ideas with industry peers

This round table is for:

· project manager’s that have three or more years of experience in localization project management
· project manager’s seeking in-depth discussion and exchange of ideas on advanced topics facing the industry


  • Promote a better understanding of the localization project management environment on both sides of the industry
  • Create a channel of open communication for project managers to discuss specific issues of localization project management outside the client-vendor relationship
  • Discuss the dynamics of the localization activities on the client and vendor sides
  • Peer-to-peer exchange of ideas
  • Sharing of experiences
  • Frank and free discussions of issues confronting the industry
  • Networking
  • Evaluation of recent developments

What happens at the Round Table?

Most Round Table attendees have three or more years of experience in localization project management. As a result, presentations and discussions deal with advanced topics. The format of the Localization Project Manager’s Round Table relies on short presentations, some of them impromptu, followed by extensive discussions involving as many attendees as possible.

An Advisory Board has been organized to assist in the creation of an agenda and to facilitate the topics and presentations that will compose the Localization Project Manager’s Round Table. Willem Stoeller (PMP and Round Table Leader) will chair the Advisory Board. Photos and bios of the Advisory Board members are included further down this page.

To ensure that topics for the Round Table are as relevant as possible to those participating, we are keeping an open session on the last day of the event. The topics for this open session will be determined by the attendees, who will be able to contribute their proposed topics throughout the event.

Please note:

The Round Table’s success depends on people being willing to share information and experiences freely. To encourage that, the sessions are not recorded or republished and no formal minutes or records are kept. Attendees are free to keep their own notes.

Discussion of localization prices and details of vendor contracts is not permitted.


90 minutes per session (extra 20 minutes for session 1 for introductions)

Monday March 22, 2021
10:00 CST
Duration – 20 minutes
Moderator – Willem Stoeller
Session 1 – Lessons Learned From the Pandemic
Monday March 22, 2021
10:20 CST
Duration – 90 Minutes
Moderator – Mila Golovine
Description: What have we learned about supply chain management in an extended time of crisis and how do we leverage these valuable lessons in every day localization production?
Session 2 – Innovative Automation in Multimedia Localization
Tuesday March 23, 2021
10:00 CST
Duration – 90 Minutes
Moderator – Michaela Bartelt-Krantz
Description: How does the localization industry address the ever-growing volume of multi-media content when traditional methodologies are obviously not enough, and how do we plan for developing markets and the next billion users?
Session 3 – Making a Business Case for the Localization of a Product or Service
Wednesday March 24, 2021
10:00 CST
Duration – 90 Minutes
Moderators – Paula Hunter and Edith Bendermacher

Description: Working with in-country stakeholders to understand the market and estimate revenue potential, estimating costs, and presenting data for getting exec buy-in and funding.

Advisory Board

Willem Stoeller has over 30 years of experience in translation, localization, and internationalization of marketing materials, software products, and web content. Currently, his focus is on project and quality management and localization strategy/processes improvement.  Training for localization is a top priority for Willem. He is a former professor at the Monterey Institute of International Studies and a former board member of the Portland PMI chapter  and he is also the creator and presenter of the Localization Project Management Certification Certification Program.

Edith is Head of Localization and Globalization Strategy at NetApp, based in Sunnyvale, California. Her team oversees localization at NetApp in 15 languages under a Center of Excellence, responsible for the strategic planning of globalization across all departments, including delivery, innovation, uptake and return of the globalization investments. Edith is a regular speaker on globalization in panels and globalization industry events such as Localization Institute Seminars, NCTA, TAUS, Women in Localization. Edith is also a member of the Women in Technology Group at NetApp and a member of the Women in Localization Marketing Committee. In her spare time, Edith and her family love to travel around the world. She is also an avid photographer, looking for meaningful fragments through the lens of her camera, most recently focusing on the newest member of her family, Boba, the blue Boston Terrier. Learn more about her professional experience at:
Mimi Hills is a localization industry veteran. She’s the former director of global information experience at VMware and has also led globalization teams at BlackBerry and Sun Microsystems. Mimi comes from the software world with a background in project and engineering management. She’s active in the localization industry and in diversity and inclusion circles. In her spare time, Mimi is involved in the TechWomen program, plays guitar and bass, and runs a nonprofit music camp for adults.
Ludmila Golovine is the CEO of MasterWord Services, Inc., a globally top-ranked multi-million-dollar LSP, delivering customized language and content governance solutions in over 250 languages. With over 25 years of industry experience, she made a lifetime commitment to quality, innovation and language access. She is Strategic Partnerships Manager for the Global Chapter of Women in Localization; serves on the Board of Directors of Translation Commons; an advocate of social justice and internationally recognized speaker. Her work has been recognized with numerous awards, including Congressional Recognition G7 “Excellence in International Service” award.

Janine Oliveira heads Lenovo Globalization organization, supporting over sixty countries Internationalization and Localization regional and legal product requirements. A native Brazilian and passionate about multicultural awareness in all aspects of product development, she believes, in order to be successful, a company must develop and facilitate a natural global customer experience where Language is an essential ingredient. Prior to her current role at Lenovo, and with over twenty years of experience in Localization, Janine also worked on the Language Service Provider side and built and headed successful teams for Motorola, Good Technology, Silicon Graphics and more, focusing on complex software Localization projects, innovation, multiculturalism and partnerships with vendors in EMEA, China, APAC, LATAM and North America.

Paula Hunter is a seasoned localization professional with 20 years of experience helping organizations grow and succeed globally by building out successful localization programs that focus on quality, scalability and cost effectiveness. Her experience in managing complex localization projects extends across all business units, including software, technical documentation, websites, marketing collateral, global campaigns and events, and training. She currently leads the localization and technical documentation teams at Avigilon/Motorola Solutions, and is inspired by opportunities to creatively solve problems and innovate on processes through cross-functional collaboration. She is an active member in the localization industry and is passionate about sharing ideas and connecting great people to do great things.
Erik is Vice President of Partnerships and Custom Solutions at RWS Moravia. Erik has been working in the globalization and localization industry since the late 90’s, focusing on enterprise customers in the technology industry. Erik’s career started in engineering and internationalization, but has focused on enterprise program management and solutions for most of his career. Erik has participated in numerous Localization Institute, LocWorld, TAUS, and other industry roundtables and conferences in the past, and is an avid enthusiast of collaborative problem-solving and knowledge sharing.
Hailing from Australia and based in San Francisco, Alison Strahan heads up the marketing and communications localization for Adobe Experience Cloud. and has been working at Adobe for 15 years.

She works closely with regional stakeholders, creative and international web teams to ensure an effective and holistic approach to marketing localization. Alison is the glue between the North American and regional teams, advocating internationalization and balancing the local and regional requirements She serves as  cultural ambassador advocating for the field to ensure they receive the same engaging and relevant experience as the North American customers. In the past she worked in television and radio as a producer, writer and reporter.

Michaela Bartelt-Krantz is Sr Director of Localization at EA, heading up all worldwide localization functions including translation, recordings, vendor management, testing and engineering for the video game developer and publisher. Originally a translator by education, she looks back at 20 years of experience in the game localization industry. Her current focus is shaping the strategic direction of localization towards real time localization.