Global Digital Policy Master Class

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Global Digital Policy Master Class
Global Digital Policy Master Class

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Kristina Podnar



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You’ve probably heard that all politics is local. In today’s world, all marketing is local, too. That’s great, because what could be bad about having highly engaged customers in a hundred different countries?

What could be bad is that localized marketing is so easy to get wrong, whether it’s running afoul of local regulations or making a social or cultural gaffe. Digital localization policies are the guard rails that make it safe, giving employees the freedom to be as creative as they want within a defined space.

In this course, Kristina Podnar will help marketers understand the importance of localization as well as their own role in the development and implementation of their organization’s digital localization policies.

Course Syllabus

Session 1: What is policy localization, and why is it so important?

This session will cover:

  • A definition of localization
  • An overview of some of the different laws and regulations at play when you’re working across national borders, and why it’s important to have policies that keep you out of trouble so you can focus on being creative
  • Real-life examples of organizations that got it right — and those who didn’t
  • The three general approaches organizations take when it comes to localization policies

This session will include real-world scenarios as well as worksheets and checklists participants can use to help them decide what they most want to take away from the course. (The person with the responsibility and authority to develop policies across the organization will have different goals than local offices trying to implement those policies, for example.)

Session 2: Your local digital policy audit

This session is where participants will roll up their sleeves and identify what their organization (or their part of it!) has in the way of localization policies, as well as where the gaps are. For example, a front-line content creator might want to upload some local images to the organization’s CMS, while the global VP of marketing might start wondering how many “rogue” company websites are out there simply because headquarters never developed any policies on what local offices should do.

Group exercises will give participants a chance to brainstorm and learn from each other. They’ll leave with a thorough documentation of what their organization is doing right, what it needs to do better, and which issues need to be brought to the attention of C-suite executives.

Session 3: Creating localization policies

This third session is very hands-on and is structured so that all participants will leave with actionable plans for developing localization policies (or asking for them!) suitable to their role within the organization. Topics will include everything from gaining buy-in to determining which types of automation will be necessary to scale your efforts (as well as how to work with IT!).

Each participant will have access to virtual office hours with Kristina (two 60-minute open door sessions, where no sign up is required, just come and get individual questions answered or work on a policy-specific problem that your organization faces – one after session 2 and the other after session 3).

All students who complete the Global Digital Policy Master Class will receive an Industry Certificate of Completion from The Localization Institute, Inc. 

Who should take this course?

Anyone involved with marketing localization for their organization or a client! That could include:

  • A two-person marketing team in Bangladesh trying to figure out how they can scale their
    marketing efforts by making the most of content produced by headquarters
  • The CIO of a multinational organization who’s getting concerned about the growing list of tools and automations that offices around the globe are employing on their own
  • The global head of marketing who’s trying to figure out how to do the most they can with what they have without breaking laws or alienating customers
  • A content writer who realizes how much easier it would be if they didn’t have to start from scratch with each new campaign
  • A marketer at headquarters who notices that a local website isn’t following the organization’s global marketing policies

In other words, just about anybody who works in or supports marketing, regardless of their location or position within the organization!

Please note: recording or republishing any of the class sessions is prohibited. We do this in order for students to be able to speak and share experiences freely with the instructor and their fellow classmates in a comfortable and safe environment without fear that something they say might later be made public.

About Your Instructor

Kristina Podnar

Kristina Podnar is a digital policy innovator. At her core, Kristina understands that for today’s businesses, the internet is full of both promise and peril. Promise because you have more ways to engage more customers than ever before. Danger not only due to content and social media gaffs that could alienate customers and damage your brand, but also due to a regulatory environment that is growing more complex every day, with potentially high penalties for breaking laws you may not even know exist. For over two decades, she has worked with some of the most high-profile companies to balance the risk and opportunity of conducting business in the digital age. Kristina is now focused on helping others master the methodology she has developed and hone their global digital policy chops through her experience.

Kristina is the Principal of NativeTrust Consulting, LLC. She has a BA in international studies and an MBA in international business from the Dominican University of California and is certified as both a Change Management Practitioner (APMG International) and a Project Management Professional (Project Management Institute). Her book, The Power of Digital Policy was published in March 2019. She has lived in the E.U. and U.S., and has experience navigating English, Croatian, Russian, German, Italian, and Japanese.

The Power of Digital Policy

The Power of Digital Policy covers The five-day agile digital policy development approach as well as many other topics, read a sample excerpt, and learn more.

Global Digital Policy Master Class



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