ReadySetGo: Tiering Blueprint

The ReadySetGo: Tiering Blueprint class will look at the issues and useful practices around working with a tiering strategy for localized properties. We’ll discuss both the frameworks for tiering and key tactical solutions to make tiering work both for your company’s customers as well as internally for your business strategy and operational practices.

ReadySetGo: Tiering Blueprint
ReadySetGo: Tiering Blueprint

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2 Hours of Lecture, 30 minutes Q&A

Melissa Biggs



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Tiering – A Modern Localization Blueprint

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2 hours of instruction with 30 minutes for Q&A

Tiering – A Modern Localization Blueprint examines the dimensions of tiering as well as specific areas to tier that localization leaders should consider:

  • language coverage
  • tiering assets/content
  • product and business tiering considerations
  • language review and testing practices
  • technology tiers

Tactical solutions can run the gamut from budget-based through technological and rollout strategies.

Key Takeaways:

Participants will take away processes and techniques for optimizing resources and technology. These optimizations translate into actionable metrics that can be applied to short- and long-term ROI and business strategy.

Target Audience:
  • Localization Leaders
  • Program Managers
  • Translation Leads
  • UX/CX Leaders
  • Content Leads
  • Engineering Resources


Minimum Experience:
5-6 years of experience in an international-focused role

Course Outline:

I. What About Tiering? – What is Tiering and Why Use It

II. The Basics – Four Cornerstones

A. Drivers and Stakeholders
B. Understanding Your Business and Company
C. Costs, Product Life Cycle, Customer Requirements, Regulations
D. Simplicity vs. Complexity

III. Class Checkpoint: Your Tiering Challenges

IV. Methodologies and Frameworks:

A. Picking Your Levels – And Their Focus
B. Complexities/layers
C. Technologies
D. Localization Tasks/Processes

V. Defining your tiers – 3 Cs

A. Common Methods
B. Complexities
C. Complementary Tiers

VI. Timing

VII. Drawing Your Tier Map

VIII. What Can Go Wrong? Issues and Challenges with Tiering

IX. Summary

X. References and Templates

10% discount for 3 or more students from the same company – please contact for more information.

Please note: recording or republishing any of the class sessions is prohibited. We do this in order for students to be able to speak and share experiences freely with the instructor and their fellow classmates in a comfortable and safe environment without fear that something they say might later be made public.

Read Melissa’s expert insight in her latest article: The Time for Tiering is NOW – Developing a Tiering Blueprint!

About Your Instructor

Melissa Biggs

Melissa Biggs is a localization veteran with over 25 years of experience in management roles targeting localized products for enterprises. Her career focuses on technical content and localization leadership. Her enthusiasm for localization started at Olivetti Corporation in Italy. Melissa then led a technical publications group at Xerox for artificial intelligence products. She switched fields to focus on globalization strategy at Sun Microsystems, managing localization groups, as well as leading corporate initiatives for global products, and international technology strategies. At Oracle, she contributed to Oracle’s translation products and processes. Melissa also managed marketing localization at Informatica, a data integration company.

In addition to deep corporate localization engagements, Melissa is active in industry and non-profit groups. She has served on localization industry-wide groups, including as charter member of GILT Leaders ForumTAUS (Translation Automation User Society) and Localization World. In 2022, Melissa contributed as an expert from the GILT Leaders Forum and as a co-author of “The Globalization Strategy Playbook”. She is on the board of the non-profit Global Lives Project, which teaches global empathy through global film and curriculums, and is a mentor for the international TechWomen program.

Her passion is promoting best practices to connect global users with localized product experiences and information.

Currently, as a founding partner with Locale Solutions LLC, she provides localization strategy consulting services for companies in technology. Melissa graduated from Bucknell University and completed communications graduate studies at San Jose State University.  In her copious free time, she loves travel (virtual for now), a good read, anything film (film festivals, streaming, etc.), and swimming.



The Globalization Strategy Playbook

The Globalization Strategy Playbook is the result of efforts by 12 members of the GILT Forum, and Melissa Biggs contributed as a co-author to this book. In the playbook, these experienced localization leaders share their strategic approaches to various aspects of localizing products and services in the companies that they have worked for. You can learn more about process of writing the The Globalization Strategy Playbook in the Multilingual Magazine.

The book is available on the GitHub website and a pdf of the English text is available here.

The Globalization Strategy Playbook is available for free under a Creative Commons license that allows users to use the material in their work, but not profit from it. Derivative works must also be created under the same license. Feedback on the playbook is welcomed at