Localization Management Round Table

The Localization Management Round Table is a unique event giving localization managers on the client side the opportunity to discuss new developments and exchange experiences on improving speed, quality, operational efficiencies, and strategy. This round table provides a safe environment for open discussion among attendees to engage and learn under the leadership of experienced localization managers from major global brands.

Localization Management Round Table
Localization Management Round Table

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Each session lasts for 2 hours and will take place from 12:00pm – 2:00pm CDT on all three days.




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Event Description

The Localization Management Round Table provides a forum for localization managers on the client side with 3+ years of experience. Karen Combe (recently retired from PTC and instructor of The Localization Management Master Class) moderates the round table with contributions from our seasoned advisory board members.

By joining this round table, you will:

  • Develop actionable ideas for improving your localization operation
  • Learn about new localization models
  • Discuss industry best practices for vendor management
  • Discover innovative strategies for managing your team
  • Make valuable connections with industry peers

This round table is for:

  • Localization managers with at least 3 years of experience

Please note:

The Localization Management Round Table is reserved for client companies only. Vendor registrations will be canceled.

The Round Table’s success depends on people being willing to share information and experiences freely. To encourage that, the sessions are not recorded or republished and no formal minutes or records are kept. Attendees are free to keep their own notes.

Discussion of localization prices and details of vendor contracts is not permitted.

Round Table Agenda

Tuesday, December 7

Video Adaptation & Scalability

Presenters: Francesca Di Marco (Pinterest), Katell Jentreau (Netflix)

The challenges that lie in the process of transforming a video content produced in a specific language for a specific audience into a video that is understandable and relevant for other markets are innumerable. But so are the opportunities. Motion assets come with a wide array of technical and creative potential — what are the best solutions for embedding a video in a static page?  What is the most cost-effective way of producing a creative and yet adaptable brand video?

In this session, we will explore strategic and operational solutions aiming at moving away from the process of making a campaign available for additional audiences, and rather embracing video production that is locally relevant in the first place.

Wednesday, December 8

Onboarding Third-party Systems for Localization.

Presenters: Karen Combe, Daniel Sullivan (Spotify), Stephan Cocron (Salesforce)

We are often faced with the need to integrate our company’s existing systems into the localization process, after they have been purchased and implemented. As an example, we will look at how localization managers can better evaluate localizability and overall international UX for newly onboarded Learning Management Systems (LMS), as well as gain a foothold further upstream and help influence LMS purchasing decisions before they are made.

Learning Management Systems are becoming more and more popular with larger technology companies, as they seek to provide ongoing training for their employees as well as publish training modules for their customers to help them navigate through the company’s product suite. As these companies see benefits in better supporting their English-speaking stakeholders, they are also jumping on a global e-learning wave and looking to increase their bottom line by localizing their courseware.

Acquisitions provide further challenges to integration. An acquired company may come with its own systems, perhaps even its own TMS. If we can continue to swim upstream, all the way to the M&A team, we may be able to unearth potential system clashes or challenges and think about solutions early in the process. We will discuss our experiences in dealing with acquisitions and their legacy systems.

Thursday, December 9

Topics will be determined with the input of round table participants.

Advisory Board Members

Localization Management Round Table

Karen Combe recently retired from her position as Vice President of Localization at PTC, where she was responsible for product localization as well as for localization support for PTCU, Technical Support, and Marketing. She is the instructor for the Localization Management Master Class. Karen has been a member of the GILT Leaders Forum, a community of peers in the localization industry, since its inception. Previously, Karen was Senior Vice President at International Language Engineering, where she managed Client Services, Sales and Marketing. Karen holds a B.A in Linguistics from the University of California at Berkeley and a post-graduate degree in Social Anthropology from the University of Cambridge. She served in the Peace Corps in Senegal and in International Voluntary Services in Algeria. In addition, Karen worked for 8 years on a ranch in northwestern Colorado training horses and looking after a large herd of cattle.

Localization Management Round Table

Francesca Di Marco is the Internationalization Manager at Pinterest, where she leads the localization and global development program for product and marketing.  She is passionate about enabling teams to achieve global scale by integrating processes and strategies, and by bridging gaps across functions and regional offices.  Francesca is a lifelong language nerd, and a former lecturer on the History of Japan at Stanford University, the UK and Italy.  In her spare time she makes documentaries.

Localization Management Round Table

Daniel Sullivan is the head of international content at Shopify where he leads the organization of a platform and team dedicated to global multilingual content development. In a previous life, Daniel was a humanities academic in Japanese literature at Stanford University, where he received an MA and completed candidacy requirements for a doctorate, before ultimately abandoning the ivory tower for a more thrilling adventure in enterprise localization.

Terms and Conditions

Cancellation Policy:

The Localization Institute, Inc. reserves the right to cancel this Round Table if there are less than 10 registrants.

Your registration fee is not refundable. It is, however, transferable to a colleague, if we receive written notice prior to the start of the event. If we have to cancel a round table due to minimal enrollment, your registration fees will be fully refunded.

The Localization Management Round Table is reserved for client companies only.  Vendor registrations will be canceled.


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