Kristina Podnar is a digital policy innovator. At her core, Kristina understands that for today’s businesses, the internet is full of both promise and peril. Promise because you have more ways to engage more customers than ever before. Danger not only due to content and social media gaffs that could alienate customers and damage your brand, but also due to a regulatory environment that is growing more complex every day, with potentially high penalties for breaking laws you may not even know exist. For over two decades, she has worked with some of the most high-profile companies to balance the risk and opportunity of conducting business in the digital age. Kristina is now focused on helping others master the methodology she has developed and hone their global digital policy chops through her experience.

Kristina is the Principal of NativeTrust Consulting, LLC. She has a BA in international studies and an MBA in international business from the Dominican University of California and is certified as both a Change Management Practitioner (APMG International) and a Project Management Professional (Project Management Institute). Her book, The Power of Digital Policy was published in March 2019. She has lived in the E.U. and U.S., and has experience navigating English, Croatian, Russian, German, Italian, and Japanese.