Josefina Barrancos is Senior Bilingual Copywriter, Content Strategy –threesixtyeightNAM Creative Strategy, Herbalife Nutrition. She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and has lived in the US for over 26 years. Since she was very young she has loved writing stories and languages. Growing up she studied English, French, learned Portuguese and Italian. Right after High School she studied Advertising and Graphic Design. After finishing her Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish Literature, she has spent over 18 years working as a bilingual copy editor –  transcreating and localizing creative content targeting the Hispanic Market in the United States. Her clients have included advertising agencies, production agencies, gaming, TV & film subtitle, and marketing companies. She is passionate about choosing words carefully, and not only considering the audience, but considering it at the present moment as part of a culture that continues to reach new heights and break new barriers. Her main goal is to always create the connection.