Spotlight on Spanish Speaker – Isabella Sánchez

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Virtual Conference, November 6–7, 2023

Isabella Sánchez

Hispanic Marketing Council Chair & Vice President of Media Integration, Zubi Advertising

As Vice President of Media Integration, Isabella oversees all Hispanic strategic media planning and execution for Zubi’s clients, as well as new business development efforts.

She has over 30 years of Hispanic media experience working with many of the largest marketers in the U.S. Hispanic market.

Her passion for marketing to diverse audiences is evidenced in her commitment to always elevating the industry profile, while helping marketers understand and capitalize on the biggest growth opportunity in the U.S. 

Her mantra of “in constant pursuit of the perfect balance between art and science” demonstrates her passion for cultural connections, creative innovation and applying the latest technology to measure and optimize performance. 

She currently serves as Executive Board Member and Treasurer for the Hispanic Marketing Council, Advisory Board member for Texas Tech University’s Institute for Hispanic and International Communication and serves on the South Florida March of Dimes Board.

Spotlight on Spanish Speaker – Isabella Sánchez

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11:00 – 11:30 AM