Spotlight on Spanish Speaker – Agustín Da Fieno Delucchi

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Virtual Conference, November 6–7, 2023

Agustín Da Fieno Delucchi

Director of Data Science, Microsoft

Agustín Da Fieno Delucchi embarked on his journey in the computer industry in 1992, initially focusing on developing a spectrum of enterprise solutions. His venture into international software development commenced in 1998, accompanying his move from Peru to Dublin, Ireland. Now residing in Seattle, Agustín has devoted over two decades to Microsoft, navigating through a variety of internationalization roles from terminologist to Global Readiness Advisor. Certified as a Data Scientist, he has transitioned into pioneering artificial intelligence initiatives for internationalization. Currently the Director of Data Science at Microsoft, he’s at the helm of innovating localization and content creation strategies, keenly focusing on harnessing AI and LLM-based models for global market readiness. Agustín also imparts his expertise as an instructor at the University of Washington, fostering the growth of aspiring professionals in the domain of Internationalization and Localization.

Spotlight on Spanish Speaker – Agustín Da Fieno Delucchi

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3:00 – 3:30 PM