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Localization Institute Dublin 2023

Unfortunately, we did not receive enough registrations to move forward with holding the LI in Dublin events. We are currently considering some new dates in September 2023 and hope to publish more information soon and re-open registration at that time. If you would like to be notified when the events in Dublin are rescheduled, please sign up for our waitlist.

Managing the Dynamics of NMT Implementation with Hybrid Intelligence

This master class is not currently scheduled.

AI is transforming the language industry. In this class, Dr. Wang will show how human intelligence and artificial intelligence can co-exist and function in our work as localizers. Since the launch of ChatGPT and the rise of pre-trained large language models (LLMs), humans have made great strides in building generative AI systems that aim to perform multiple natural language tasks, including machine translation.

This class aims to build the connection between intuitive localization practices and MT/AI applications. Participants will take a closer look under the hood of NMT technology as well as MT-related NLP tasks. The sudden ascension of ChatGPT comes with many new obstacles and possible solutions, Dr. Wang will contrast generative AI technology with NMT and guide participants to the holy grail of best practices.

Having worked in both academia and industry, Dr. Peng Wang recognizes key insights and trends spanning both worlds. This course helps you further explore NMT and generative AI use cases, pioneers AI control measures and highlights the value added by humans within and beyond the localization process.

The Localization Institute is pleased to offer an instructor-led seminar in Dublin on Machine Translation with Dr. Wang. In 2 four hour sessions, she shares her independent perspective on MT with both vendors and clients.



AM Modules – 9am – 12:30 pm

Module 1 – Orientation and Introduction: A Holistic Approach 

from CAT to MT to ChatGPT – connecting the dots between different paradigms

Module 2 – AI Algorithms: NMT and Generative AI

a look under the hood at the most relevant parts of the neural language models

PM Modules – 1:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Module 3 – MT Quality Management: MT Outputs 

automatic quality evaluation, estimation and editing strategies

Module 4 – MT and Language Data: Building your own Engines 

MT customization, terminology control, and privacy and security 

This course will provide you with:

  • An understanding of the most relevant cutting-edge translation technologies related to MT implementation
  • A perception of how these technologies are related to human cognition
  • Knowledge and appreciation of the diversity of the world and how it is related to MT

This Seminar is for:

  • Project Managers tasked with implementing an MT solution
  • Vendors who want to leverage MT to meet their clients’ needs
  • Buyers who want to implement MT
  • Decision-makers who have to understand MT but don’t want to become technical experts
  • IT professionals involved in MT implementation
  • Content Managers responsible for global content

All students who complete this seminar will receive an Industry Certificate of Completion from The Localization Institute, Inc.

Full Day Seminar (lunch included) – €980 

Please note that Ireland’s 23% VAT will be added at checkout. Check here for updates on visa requirements and travel restrictions.

10% discount for 3 or more students from the same company.

Localization Institute Dublin 2023

Dr. Peng Wang has taught, researched and practiced translation and localization on three continents. She is the convener for EDUinLOC, the chair of the automation/AI track for LocWorld conferences and a part-time professor at the University of Ottawa. Previously, she was the CAT Tools Coordinator at the University of Maryland.

Dr. Wang has rich research experience on NLP AI, having worked as a linguistic researcher at the Corpus Research Lab at Northern Arizona University, a domain expert for data mining projects at the University of Maryland and an honorary research fellow on automatic discourse analysis tools at the University of Liverpool. Her current research and practice focus on human learning vs. machine learning, machine translation, terminology and multilingual corpus analysis.

Dr. Wang has published about 30 articles and two books. She is an expert in approaching technology in the context of culture and humanities. She embraces linguistic and cultural diversity in her classrooms, with students aged from 18 to over 70, in over 10 language combinations, coming from UAE, China, Italy, Spain, Germany, Morocco, Colombia, Mexico, and Haiti, to name just a few.

Media Localization – how to make your audiovisual content speak to diverse audiences across the globe

This seminar is not currently scheduled.

Media Localization is key to reaching diverse audiences on a global scale. Designed for localization leaders, audiovisual content owners, project managers, PR and marketing specialists, this workshop provides insights into different types of media localization (dubbing, subtitling and voice-over) and access services (closed captioning, sign language interpreting and audio description). Participants can expect to come away with an understanding of the importance of quality media localization to reach diverse audiences across the globe. They will get to know how to select an appropriate type of media localization for the audiovisual content at their organisation. They will also find out about leading language service providers and latest AI solutions used to automate and facilitate media localization workflows. The course also covers best practices in media localisation and various aspects of quality assurance, including style guides, and quality control, such as linguistic and technical checks. Last but not least, participants will also learn how access services can contribute to increasing SEO and how media access can promote their image as a company who cares about communicating with people around the world.

On completion of this course, you will walk away with:

  • A practical understanding of the different types of media localization and access services as well as their key characteristics and quality indicators
  • Insights into how to make audiovisual content in your organisation accessible to diverse populations
  • A sample subtitling style guide and a best practices checklist ready to implement in your organisation

All students who complete this seminar will receive an Industry Certificate of Completion from The Localization Institute, Inc.

Half Day Seminar (coffee break included) – €480 

Please note that Ireland’s 23% VAT will be added at checkout. Check here for updates on visa requirements and travel restrictions.

10% discount for 3 or more students from the same company.

Localization Institute Dublin 2023

Agnieszka Szarkowska works as University Professor in the Institute of Applied Linguistics at the University of Warsaw. She is also Head of the research group Audiovisual Translation Lab (AVT Lab) and Honorary Research Associate at University College London. She is a researcher, academic teacher, ex-translator, translator trainer, and audiovisual translation consultant. With over 20 years of hands-on teaching experience both in the academia and the industry, she has trained hundreds of students to become successful audiovisual translation professionals. Drawing on her passion for teaching, she has co-founded AVT Masterclass, an online platform for professional audiovisual translation education.

She is the author of over 70 publications and principal investigator of several research projects, including eye tracking studies on subtitling, audio description, multilingualism in subtitling for the deaf and the hard of hearing, and respeaking. She is a member of the European Association for Studies in Screen Translation (ESIST), European Society for Translation Studies (EST), Galician Observatory for Media Accessibility (GALMA), Intermedia Research Group, AKCES expert group and an honorary member of the Polish Audiovisual Translators Association (STAW).

Professor Szarkowska is also the 2022 recipient of the Jan Ivarsson Award for “invaluable services to the field of audiovisual translation” by the European Association of Studies in Screen Translation. This award was presented to her in November 2022 at Languages & The Media, the International Conference and Exhibition on Language Transfer in Audiovisual Media.