LICustom™ Corporate Training Sessions

Localization Institute Customized Classes:
The Enterprise Solution to Your Localization Education Needs

Your company’s needs, placed front and center, every moment of the class tailored to the challenges you face

With loads of discussion time, individual attention and an interactive style that facilitates real learning from some of the industry’s most adept practitioners, The Localization Institute’s courses are anything but a “one size fits all” template or “stock” course.

But sometimes your company needs an even deeper, more immersive education experience tailored to your exact needs: embarking on a new initiative, dealing with specific localization issues on trade secret product, embracing a company-wide change in how you do localization.

That is the genesis of LICustom. We’ll work directly with you to tailor our standard course topics directly to your business challenge – so you can maximize the education impact on your organization: Shaping the topics, analyzing the issues and crafting the content and workshop discussion so your team gets exactly the knowledge they need.

The Enterprise Advantage

  • Fully Customized Course Material: Tailored content allows you to focus the class on the specific challenges your company and your industry are facing.
  • Secure: A safe space for discussion of your proprietary information.
  • More Productive Workshop Time: Sessions tailored to perfectly match your company’s needs – less discussion time spent on tangential issues.
  • Fully Scalable: For any size company, any scope of growth.
  • On Site, Virtual or Hybrid – You decide: Our course instructors can travel to your location, organize and lead multi-site classes or run hybrid sessions to bring teams together.

Localization Education tailored and scaled to your team’s exact needs