Matthias Caesar started in this industry almost 30 years ago. With his first company in the 90th he learned a lot about how localization works by collaborating with clients like Microsoft and Amazon. The EEIG (a European Economic Interest Grouping) he founded became one of only 4 Premier Localization Vendors for Microsoft in the early 2000th.

For the past 10 years his focus shifted from the world of Windows towards enterprise software and mainly SAP. This entails a lot of process consulting, increasingly agile processes.

In the past 3 years he also started sharing his knowledge with students at Hochschule Anhalt as a guest lecturer.

Topic: Project Management in Software Localization.

Hochschule Anhalt is the only university in Germany which offers Master Studies in Software Localization.

Previously he served as a board member of GALA and, as a fun-fact, founded an early initiative for localization professional certification (TILP) with Reinhard Schäler in 2002.