Create Customized Corporate Training Programs

THE LOCALIZATION INSTITUTE provides corporate training options – select to send a group of employees to an off-site location OR request a trainer to come to your offices and provide a completely customized training using existing course offers or completely custom offerings developed with your management team.

The Localization Institute never uses vendors as trainers. We use only professional, experienced instructors with no agendas to promote. We have gathered the top industry experts and developed training which incorporates cutting edge approaches and technology to help you achieve global success.  We will pair you with one of our experts to customize a course curriculum based on the foundations of our two decades of industry knowledge and training experience that will address the specific needs of your organization.

Through our world-class training, thousands of industry professionals have dramatically improved their localization and global marketing knowledge and skills. From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, from small & large teams to multi-brand umbrellas– we have trained them all.

Localization consists of adapting products and services to meet the needs of different languages and cultures.

Translation Technologies

From connector technology to tracking and managing translation activity, take a deep training dive into the tools and solutions for all of your language service needs.

Global Marketing
In order to create create global competitive advantage for your company, your marketing team will need advanced skills and understanding of digital marketing and localization at a strategic level.

Available Modules:

Localization – consists in adapting the product to meet the needs of different languages and cultures.

These modules are available in addition to custom development:

  • The Global Company
  • Applying the PMI Standard in Localization
  • Project Initiation
  • Project Planning
  • Project Execution and Monitoring
  • Project Closure
  • Workflow Automation
  • Agile Development & the Impact on Localization
  • Impact of Technology on Localization
  • Metrics & KPI’s
  • Contracts & Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)
  • Cost & Benefit of Standards

In addition to training on specific translation technology software programs – the following modules are available:

  • Translation Quality
  • Dynamic Quality Framework (DQF)
  • Quality Management Methodology
  • Content Profiling
  • Quality Evaluation
  • MT Engine Comparison
  • Post-edit Productivity

Global Digital Marketing

  • Global Digital Media Environment: Exploring Cultural, Legal and Logistical Issues
  • Global Digital Internationalization: Challenges and Approaches to Succeed
  • Global Digital Expansion: Practical Tips on Market Entry
  • Global Digital Marketing Segmentation: Tools and Techniques
  • Global CRM Strategies: Marketing Automation and Implementation

Global Social Media

  • Global Digital Media Trends: Open Innovation, Social Computing & Others.
  • Effectively Using Global Social Media: Tips and Techniques
  • Global Social Media Usage & Localization – Insights from Around the World
  • Global Social Media Usage Models-1: Creating Dialogue and Facilitating Transactions
  • Global Social Media Usage Models-2: Managing Customer mood and reviews online
  • Content Marketing Ideas-1: Storytelling & Blog Management
  • Content Marketing Approaches-2: Content Marketing via Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.

Global SEO

  • Global Search Engine Optimization-1: Leveraging Keywords
  • Global Search Engine Optimization -2: Linking, Mobile and Social Media Integration
  • Enhancing Searchability of International Sites for Global Search Engines
  • Enhancing Searchability of International Site via Global Navigation techniques
  • Paid Search Marketing & Measurement – Key Strategies & Concepts

Digital Localization

  • Standardizing or Localizing Digital Media – Strategic Insights
  • Culture & Global Digital Marketing: Avoiding Blunders related to Symbols, Colors and Values
  • Culturally customizing Digital Media Content – A Practical Cultural Customization Tool-kit
  • Dilemmas & Strategies for Localizing Digital Media – Finding the Right Strategies
  • Writing Content for Global Digital Media – Strategies for Effective Global Content Writing

Global Content

  • Localization Concepts & Foundations: Learn what it entails and how to localize
  • Internationalization (118n) Concepts and Foundations: Cost Saving Strategies
  • Terminology Management & Translation Memory for Global Content Management
  • Localization Workflow Management: Practical Insights for Efficiency Gains
  • Localization Projects and Automation Management: Tools and Techniques