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Translation Technogies Workshop- EN

Translation Technogies Workshop- EN

Minimum number of participants: 2 / Maximum number of participants: 5

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A language engineer handles all the technical details in the translation process:

  • Evaluation of files for translatability.
  • File preparation (conversions, hiding/unhiding text).
  • Setting up the translation memory system (creating filters for different file formats, creating templates for projects, creating lists of abbreviations…).
  • Support for users of translation tools when they have questions, issues or receive error messages.
  • Working on files after translation (unhiding text, file conversions…)
  • Setting up and applying quality control measures in the translation tool.
  • Use of regular expressions for searching and quality checking.

And here is a link to a survey, where you can add topic ideas for this course.

To Request Additional Information Please contact:

Yung-Ok Jo
Manager, Program Development – Europe
The Localization Institute
+49 (0)228 35067458

Angelika Zerfass

Your Trainer

Angelika Zerfass

Angelika Zerfass, a trainer for translation tools and consultant on TM tools and terminology management has been working freelance since 2000 after a short period at the Japanese embassy in Bonn, Germany and 2 years as training and support specialist at Trados (Germany, Japan, US). She is a regular speaker at localization conferences and also gives lectures at universities. Angelika is located in Bonn, Germany and offers training, consultancy and technical support.