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What’s My Language Strategy?

What’s My Language Strategy?

What’s My Language Strategy?





Here’s a question that crops up at various times and places across any company. It is a common denominator whether a company serves one market or many across the globe. Yet how often do corporate leaders actually have a short- and long-term plan that includes a language strategy for both their local and international business?


Company A executives may make a quick decision to immediately support 35 languages, simply to match what their competitors offer.

Company B may decide, based on limited market analysis, that it only needs to cover its source market language, and 2-3 other major languages in large regulated markets. Period.

Company C reviews their product and global research data then plans a rollout of language support in 5 key markets. They will then phase in language support, 1 language at a time, in their emerging market space.


What a range of scenarios — all with different “strategies”!


Are these scenarios really successful in the long term?


Add the following influences to these scenarios: over time, language coverage can become even more complicated. Complexity could be based on market conditions, corporate acquisitions, proliferating customer profiles and needs, more complex product offerings, multiple drivers and stakeholders, etc. etc. How does a company streamline, build and sustain a robust language strategy?


Does your company struggle with moving to more seamless service for your global customers?


Is your role in product management, localization management leadership, marketing or growth management, content, training, support leadership, or are you responsible for field market? The principles of global language strategy are part of your portfolio.


For the first time, the Global Language Strategy Master Class provides corporate stakeholders with a comprehensive set of building blocks to establish a sustainable and extensible language support blueprint for international business. The class covers language strategy across a range of enterprises, from emerging companies, to established enterprises, from commercial companies through non-profits.


The class examines the corporate business cases, data, and research needed to address appropriate global markets. You’ll receive guidance on integrating customer experience and financial planning. We’ll highlight effective techniques for building your language strategy using software tools and integrations, process best practices, content and media.  Most important, the Global Language Strategy Master Class focuses on how to elevate global strategy, through language, as a core corporate and customer pillar for building and maintaining your overall business or central value proposition.


Now you can put to sleep that nagging question, “what’s my language strategy” with tools from the Global Language Strategy Master Class!


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If you are interested in learning more about the Global Language Strategy Master Class please click here.

About the Author

Melissa Biggs is a localization veteran with over 25 years of experience in management roles targeting localized products for enterprises. Her career focuses on technical content and localization leadership. Her enthusiasm for localization started at Olivetti Corporation in Italy. Melissa then led a technical publications group at Xerox for artificial intelligence products. She switched fields to focus on globalization strategy at Sun Microsystems, managing localization groups, as well as leading corporate initiatives for global products, and international technology strategies. At Oracle, she contributed to Oracle’s translation products and processes. Melissa also managed marketing localization at Informatica, a data integration company.

In addition to deep corporate localization engagements, Melissa is active in industry and non-profit groups. She has served on localization industry-wide groups, including as charter member of GILT Leaders ForumTAUS (Translation Automation User Society) and Localization World. She is on the board of the non-profit Global Lives Project, which teaches global empathy through global film and curriculums, and is a mentor for the international TechWomen program.


Connect with Melissa:

Email: Melissaabiggs[at]

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