Selling Localization: The Buyers’ Guide Master Class

Tuesday, November 30 and Thursday, December 2, 2021

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Selling Localization: The Buyers’ Guide Master Class is designed to enhance your current strategic sales model. These critical additions to your current model help LSP sales personnel prepare and position themselves in a unique, more effective way.

Unique Perspective

The most compelling aspect of this class is the perspective it provides. Other localization sales training is designed and taught by people who have managed sales; people who have never actually purchased what they sell. This course is designed and taught by Tim Arata and Locale Solutions…who were buyers. Drawing on decades of experience assessing proposals and interacting with salespeople, the course offers important tips and tricks that can only be obtained from someone on the client-side. Learn the biggest and most persistent complaint localization buyers have about localization salespeople.

What are your buyers really thinking and what’s driving their decisions? The Localization Institute is proud to offer Selling Localization: The Buyers’ Guide. This class is designed to give you a never-before-seen perspective of the buyer’s own world. Learn what buyers want you to know that will help you sell more efficiently and effectively to them.


Session 1

Tuesday, November 30 – 11:00am – 1:3opm CT

This session is primarily dedicated to assessing the buyer. We use this assessment to create a framework from which you can approach each new opportunity. After the completion of session 1, students will be assigned a small homework assignment that should require less than 30 minutes of work in advance of session 2.

Session 2

Thursday, December 2 – 11:00am – 1:3opm CT

This session is primarily dedicated to understanding the business environment in which you and the buyer are working to finalize the sale. We evaluate the primary buyer’s relationship with other key stakeholders in the company who are part of the sales cycle; help you understand the motivations of the players; and provide practical advice on how to overcome various obstacles and objections.

Both sessions of this master class will begin promptly 11:00am CT and will last for two and a half hours and end at 1:30pm CT.

In addition to the core concepts, we interject ideas and small case-studies in the training to give you new perspectives on buyers and how to interact with them. Our deep experience as buyers influences each module in this training. We end the training with a free-from half-hour question and answer session.

The sessions are designed to be as interactive as possible. The entire curriculum remains rooted in reality, and it partially functions as a “workshop”. As we go through each section, we ask each participant to apply the learnings to a current lead. 

What will you take away from this course?

  • You’ll approach each sales opportunity with a better understanding of what buyers love and hate about the sales process.
  • You’ll understand the two phases of every localization sale, and you’ll gain an appreciation for what influences buyers during both phases.
  • You’ll have real-world examples to rely on when considering your individual opportunities and specific challenges.
  • You’ll have first-hand knowledge about what buyers know you should know when selling to them and their companies.

Class participation: There is a reason each class is limited to 8 participants and why we’ll all take a (legally unenforceable) NDA oath at the beginning of the class. These elements are incorporated to ensure that everyone has a chance to speak, share, and ask questions in a safe space. The more you actively participate in the class, the more you (and everyone else) will gain from it.

The course is for:

  • The class seems to be most effective for people who sell to new clients and who have a minimum of 1-2 years’ experience in the localization space. The minimum is helpful as it ensures the learner understands all of the class terminology and the greater localization market. 
  • Deeply experienced salespeople in the localization space find this class useful: it opens up new thinking and poses fresh challenges to preconceived (and potentially stale) notions. 
  • More experienced salespeople are also able to overlay class learnings directly onto their currently employed strategic sales model. 
  • Finally, Solutions Architects who are intimately involved with new sales opportunities also benefit from the class.

What the class is NOT: The class is not about how to create a sales pipeline. The class is not a substitute for your current strategic sales model.

All students who complete the Selling Localization: The Buyers’ Guide Master Class will receive an Industry Certificate of Completion from The Localization Institute, Inc. 

Tim’s training on the buyer’s perspective was both insightful and thought-provoking. His highly-engaging teaching style brought his well-organized content to life. Applying concepts that would be familiar to students of Miller Heiman and customer-centric selling, Tim added not just decades of his own experience as a localization buyer, but years of insights gleaned from networking with other buyers in the industry as well.


Tim did a great job leading the class and striking a good balance between communicating key points/concepts and facilitating interactive discussion. First and foremost, the whole concept of “the buyer’s perspective” is awesome and always a great area for sales professionals to focus on.

The size of the class was good. There weren’t too many or too few participants and the diversity of opinion and perspective was great. I appreciated how the information shared was very practical and specific. It wasn’t just general sales philosophy stuff, but detailed strategic and tactical sales advice specific to our industry.

I liked Tim’s style – approachable, friendly and knowledgeable without the ‘hype.’ One of the better instructors I’ve come across.

I particularly liked the frameworks – they provide a good way to assess, profile a prospective client and guide the LSP’s preparation/approach.


This was one of the most useful workshops on sales I have attended. It was down to earth, it was realistic, it was knowledge coming from buyer’s side. I’d love to pick Tim’s brain even more!

Erik VogtUS Operations Manager Artificial Intelligence - TELUS International
Brendan KenneyDirector of Client Development - Acclaro
Angela PilelloBusiness Development Director - Haymillian Ltd. (UK)
Vasso PouliCEO - Commit Global

Course Fee


About Your Trainer



Tim Arata is a Partner at Locale Solutions. Here’s some information about him:

Tim’s LinkedIn Profile

Immediately prior to co-founding Locale, Tim worked for eleven years at Apple. He joined Apple six months before the first iPhone was launched. He then spent 1.5 years managing Localization and Content at WhatsApp. Tim also worked in Sales and Marketing at a Loc Vendor and as a consultant for the world’s first TMS vendor. 

Now that you’ve read those localization bona fides, Tim thinks it’s more important to understand his passion around this particular topic and course.

Locale Solutions (and Tim in particular) has long been curious about the ubiquitous us/them aspect of the sales process. Tim’s curiosity remained and grew during his 20 years in localization. Much of the course’s foundation is built upon questions Tim and his partners have been asking buyers, industry peers, corporate departments, and vendors for well over a decade. Starting Locale finally enabled them to put this training together. Tim and his partners consider this course part of their greater mission to build bridges between buyers and suppliers so that a.) the industry moves forward as efficiently as possible, and b.) higher value-add thinking and conversation can supplant mistrust, useless bickering, and continued misunderstandings.

Terms and Conditions

Cancellation Policy:

The Localization Institute, Inc. reserves the right to cancel this Master Class if there are less than 4 registrants prior to the first workshop.


You will receive a full refund if the course is canceled.


Your registration fee is not refundable.  It is, however, transferable to a colleague, if we receive written notice prior to the start of the first class.   If we have to cancel a course due to minimal enrollment, your registration fees will be fully refunded.


Payment Stipulations:


Invoices are due upon receipt to secure your spot.  If payment is not received swiftly, your spot may be surrendered.


If paying via Bank Transfer outside of the United States, you MUST select the FULL SWIFT option in order for your invoice to be paid in full.


Course Overview

Interview with Tim Arata