Localization Institute Round Tables September 2023 San Francisco

Newly Announced

Localization Institute September 2023 Round Tables

September 11-14, 2023

San Francisco Bay Area – Venue TBD

Brief presentations serve as fire starters for the exchange of ideas and experiences facilitated by leaders in localization.

Localization Management Round Table

Monday, September 11 through Tuesday, September 12 

The Localization Management Round Table is a unique event giving localization managers on the client side the opportunity to discuss new developments and exchange experiences on improving speed, quality, operational efficiencies, and strategy. This in-person round table provides a safe environment for open discussion among attendees to engage and learn under the leadership of experienced localization managers from major global brands.

By attending this round table, you will:

● Develop actionable ideas for improving your localization operation
● Learn about new localization models
● Discuss industry best practices for vendor management
● Discover innovative strategies for managing your team
● Make valuable connections with industry peers

Localization Institute Round Tables September 2023 San Francisco

Karen Combe, facilitator of the Localization Management Round Table, recently retired from her position as Vice President of Localization at PTC, where she was responsible for product localization as well as for localization support for PTCU, Technical Support, and Marketing. She is the instructor for the Localization Management Master Class. Karen has been a member of  the GILT Leaders Forum, a community of peers in the localization industry, since its inception.

Two Day Round Table Registration Fee: $1280 – Two Day – All Day Class – Lunch Included 

Multilingual AI Round Table

Wednesday, September 13 through Thursday, September 14 

The Multilingual AI Roundtable, brings together localization hubs interested in leveraging AI technologies, including machine translation, continuous localization and generative AI. Since the launch of ChatGPT and the rise of pre-trained large language models (LLMs), localization professionals have to embrace both challenges and opportunities. The roundtable provides you  with an ideal platform to explore new alternatives when revolutionizing the language industry with multilingual AI, together with AI experts and thought leaders.

Key takeaways include:

● Matching GPT with business goals (current use cases and new directions)
● Keeping AI under control – intelligent quality evaluation, edit distance, quality estimation, alignment (intention and results)
● GPT DemoBar (GPT: Generative Pre-training)
● Adjusting to the new roles created by AI: how humans work with AI, new job opportunities, human-computer interaction
● Unpack the problem of data privacy and confidentiality in an AI age

Localization Institute Round Tables September 2023 San Francisco

The Multilingual AI Round Table is led by Localization Institute instructor Dr. Peng Wang. Dr. Wang has taught, researched and practiced translation and localization on three continents. She is the convener for EDUinLOC, the chair of the automation/AI track for LocWorld conferences and a part-time professor at the University of Ottawa. Previously, she was the CAT Tools Coordinator at the University of Maryland. Dr. Wang has published about 30 articles and two books. She is an expert in approaching technology in the context of culture and humanities.

Two Day Round Table Registration Fee: $1280 – Two Day – All Day Class – Lunch Included