Topics of the Recordings

Course Overview Video

Introduction Video

Interview with Gary Lefman about Internationalization Issues

Global Communication First Module Video

Global Communication Second Module Video

Interview with Michele Coady about Geopolitical Issues in Localization

Interview with Ellen Bruseker about Culture and Customer Experience

Localization Maturity Video

Interview with Rebecca Ray about Localization Maturity

PMI and Localization Video

Agile and Localization Video

Localization Supply Chain Video

Machine Translation Video

Interview with Jay Marciano about Neural Machine Translation (NMT)

Interview with Jost Zetzsche about the Translators View of MT

Community Translation Video

Managing Interpretation

Localization Management

Initiating Process Group Video

Interview with Teresa Marshall about Stakeholder Management

Interview with Renato Beninatto about Stakeholder Management

Planning Process Group – Define Scope and Create Work Breakdown Structure

Planning Process Group – Develop Schedule

Planning Process Group – Plan Budget

Planning Process Group – Identify and assess Risks

Planning Process Group – Plan Quality

Interview with Vassilis Korkas about Quality Management

Interview with Wayne Bourland about DQF and MQM

Planning Process Group – Plan Procurement And Communications

Implementing Process Group

Controlling Process Group – Part 1

Controlling Process Group – Part 2

Closing Process Group