Localization Management Master Class

March 17 – April 21, 2022

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In the Localization Management Master Class we address principles and techniques to optimize the operation of your localization department as well as your effectiveness within the larger organization. Participants are encouraged to ask questions and to comment, sharing their challenges and experience.

The way localization is integrated into a company is critical to the company’s long term success because most enterprises will generate a large share of their revenue from global markets. A pivotal factor in achieving global success, localization often sneaks in through the back door and never gets the respect it deserves. It ends up being seen as a mere operational unit, a cost center if you will, and is not given the chance to contribute as the strategic asset it really is.

From setting up localization from scratch to repositioning it from a cost center to strategic partner is a complex journey, a journey Karen Combe knows well. For 15 of the 20 years she worked in localization at PTC, Karen had the opportunity to affect company policy and strategy as a Vice President.

The Localization Institute is pleased to offer an instructor-led online Master Class on Localization Management with Karen Combe.  In four one-hour sessions, Karen will share best practices in Localization Management on the buyer’s side.

Session #1 The Organization: Models for Localization Department Organization
March 17 @ 12:00-1:30PM US Central

Session #2 The Business: Not a Service, but a Business Within the Enterprise
March 24 @ 12:00-1:00PM US Central

Session #3 The Technology: Considerations for Owning or Outsourcing Technology
March 31 @ 12:00-1:00PM US Central

Session #4 The Relationships: Interaction with Stakeholders Inside and Outside the Enterprise
April 7 @ 12:00-1:00PM US Central

Session #5 Results: Sharing Your Experiences, Issues, and Questions
April 21 @ 12:00-1:00PM US central


To allow for a high level of interactivity, the class is limited to 20 attendees.  To protect privacy and confidentiality, sessions will not be recorded.

All students who complete the Localization Management Master Class will receive an Industry Certificate of Completion from The Localization Institute, Inc. 

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This Master Class is for:
  • Professionals whose company is entering localization and have been given responsibility for the implementation 
  • Individuals who are already working in localization but would like to advance to a localization management position
  • People who are currently managing localization but would like to benchmark their operation
  • Professionals on the vendor side of the industry who want to make sure they understand the challenges localization managers face

What To Expect

The Localization Management Master Class gave me a very thorough, intensive introduction to the What, Why, Who & How of content globalization in the context of today’s technology companies. As an instructor, Karen Combe brings a rare depth and breadth of knowledge to the table. Thanks to her decades of experience and her wide range of expertise around building in-house teams, working with external vendors, selecting the right tools, and implementing best practices, she is able to offer invaluable guidance to novice and experienced managers alike. Her class is extremely well structured, and the small-group format lends itself to interactive participation. The many learnings from this Master Class can be applied to companies of all sizes, from growing tech startups to multinational enterprises, and they create a solid foundation for establishing and managing a successful Localization team within the organization.

I’ve known Karen for over a decade. She has been a leading voice in the Localization industry. Throughout her professional journey, she’s accumulated decades worth of in-depth localization and business expertise. Karen has been a leader and mentor for many colleagues in the industry, which makes her a fabulous choice to lead this master class. 

Karen Combe is one of those deep-thinking localization industry leaders whose vision and insight I have always trusted. I particularly value her viewpoints on how global industry trends will affect the localization industry going forward.

Karen has in-depth knowledge about the Localization industry – from both vendor and client sides. Her stories will not only enlighten you, they will teach you how to avoid many localization pitfalls.

Karen is a trusted friend and colleague with a wealth of industry experience building and evolving localization teams and models in the enterprise. A testament to her leadership and expertise, there are a number of translation leaders in the industry today who got where they are with her tutelage.

Kathrin Bussmann Ph.D.President & Chief Strategist - Verbaccino Inc.
Teresa MarshallVP Globalization & Localization - Salesforce
Mimi HillsDirector - VMware
Jean-François VanreuselDirector of Globalization - Adobe
Wayne BourlandDirector Global Translation Team - Dell Technologies

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Karen Combe recently retired from her position as Vice President of Localization at PTC, where she was responsible for product localization as well as for localization support for PTCU, Technical Support, and Marketing. She has been a member of the GILT Leaders Forum, a community of peers in the localization industry, since its inception. Previously, Karen was Senior Vice President at International Language Engineering, where she managed Client Services, Sales and Marketing. Karen holds a B.A in Linguistics from the University of California at Berkeley and a post-graduate degree in Social Anthropology from the University of Cambridge. She served in the Peace Corps in Senegal and in International Voluntary Services in Algeria. In addition, Karen worked for 8 years on a ranch in northwestern Colorado training horses and looking after a large herd of cattle.

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