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The Localization Institute is pleased to offer an instructor-led online master class on Global Content Effectivness. Sessions are

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Dr. Wang is an expert in the translation world, she has the academic know-how and real-world experience to be an authority in this field. She continues to advise us with regards to AI and machine learning. A true treasure of knowledge.

In more than one way, Dr. Wang is an ideal instructor: She has many years of industry experience, supplemented with high-level academic scholarship, paired with a natural talent for teaching. I recommend her without reservation.

Dr. Wang is deeply knowledgeable in intercultural communication and localization technologies. She consistently explores the newest technologies to see how they can be applied to real world applications. As new technologies become widely adopted, the next generation of linguists will need to identify risks, challenges and opportunities. This course explores the inclusive approach to technology, establishing a connection between human cognition and AI powered language capabilities. She teaches with clarity, encouraging questions, considering different perspectives to further understanding.


I’ve known Dr. Wang since her days at MIIS, and I consider her to be one of the key thought leaders in the localization industry. Having worked in both academia and industry, she is able to recognize key insights and trends spanning both worlds, with a practical understanding of how to apply academic concepts to industry. As an avid academic and researcher, she continues to push the envelope in pioneering ways that further advance the localization industry.


I met Dr. Wang at various ATA conferences and I found her incredibly knowledgeable about all there is to know around translation and technology. She is incredibly interested …and interesting… when it comes to Machine Translation and its role in translation. Through her experience, she is fully aware of the human element and the interaction with technology and I can’t think of anyone better positioned to teach this course. I found Dr. Wang warm and engaging and I am sure her class will be useful, engaging and insightful.


Dr. Peng Wang is a globally acknowledged expert in computer translation technology and automated translation management systems with many years of experience in this field. She has a long and distinguished academic career, having lectured at the South China University of Technology, the Monterey Institute of International Studies and the University of Maryland. She is very enthusiastic and passionate about translation technology and is able to enthuse her students regarding this all-important topic, as well as being able to reach out to the localization industry in general…

…Computer-assisted technology is a very dynamic and constantly expanding topic with new developments appearing on a rolling basis. Dr. Wang has the talent and initiative to keep up to date with the latest developments and is an acknowledged authority in this fast-moving and dynamic field. She is able to impart this knowledge to her students in a clear and understandable way.

I had the privilege to have Dr. Wang as one of my professors for various CAT Tools and translation courses while pursuing my master’s from the Graduate Studies in Interpreting and Translation Program, University Maryland. She is an outstanding professor with a wealth of knowledge in translation, CAT tools and research. Dr. Wang is a dedicated and passionate professor, extremely helpful and encouraging, very approachable whenever students need her help and a great inspiration. More importantly, she always stays abreast of new and upcoming technologies and research topics and is always able to bring cutting-edge projects to her students…

…The courses I took with Dr. Wang provided me with a solid foundation in many aspects of my career and expanded my CAT tools interests. The collaborative project experiences during my master’s study was greatly beneficial for me to expand my expertise toolkit. Since graduating, Dr. Wang has become a great mentor and has provided sound advice and recommendations I have implemented at my current job.

Sultan GhaznawiPresident - YYZ Translations
Uwe MueggeHead of Terminology - Facebook
Elizabeth ButtersBusiness Development Manager - XTM International Ltd.
David LakritzPresident & CEO - LAI Global Game Services
Massimo GhislandiVP Translation Productivity - SDL Trados
Andrzej ZydronCTO - XTM International
Andrzej ZydronCTO - XTM International
Linda SaucedoTranslation & Localization Project Manager - ICF
Linda SaucedoTranslation & Localization Project Manager - ICF

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