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The video game industry is booming and localization plays an important role in its global success. With the Game Localization Master Class, you will learn about the key aspects and challenges from both the buyer and the service provider side.

On completion of this course, you’ll walk away with:

  • A thorough overview of the videogame localization industry both from a developer/publisher and service provider point of view
  • A practical understanding of the processes involved in the localization of video game products, from the development of the game itself to the publishing of the localized game and the continuous workflow of post-launch content
  • Insights on what makes the video game localization industry different from other fields


The course is for:

  • Stakeholders involved in video game development who want to have an insight on what localization entails
  • Localization managers and project managers who have worked in other industries and want to get acquainted with video game localization
  • Language service providers working in or wishing to enter into the video game localization field who want to have a better understanding of the localization processes on the client-side
  • Translation students and graduates who want to specialize in video game localization


Session 1 Introduction to Game Localization: history, key terms, types of games, types of content

Session 2 Focus on Pre-production: internationalization and culturalization.

Session 3 Phases of Video Game Localization: from translation through linguistic QA, all the way to launch and beyond. 

Session 4 Strategy: internal and external stakeholders, challenges and best practices throughout the process.

Session 5 Sharing Your Experiences, Issues, and Questions


Session 1 of the Game Localization Master Class will last 60 minutes and the other sessions will each last 75 minutes, although the Q+A at the end of the sessions may last slightly longer as the instructor endeavors to answer all questions.

All students who complete the Game Localization Master Class will receive an Industry Certificate of Completion from The Localization Institute, Inc. 


I have known Francesca for several years, and I can affirm that there are few localization professionals who have the skills and experience that she has accumulated during her professional career.

Her experience as a final client working for EA or as a team manager in an LSP or even as a translator anticipates that Francesca knows really well the ins and outs of the Localization industry and she is able to offer the right localization strategy for each situation.

Francesca is a professional of videogames localization. Her experience spans from translation to coordination and management of localization projects.

Having worked both at publishers and service providers, as an internal linguist and as a freelancer enables her to understand the different perspectives of this complex activity. If this was not enough, she delivers complex topics with passion and sympathy.

Francesca has in-depth and insightful knowledge about the game localization industry, both from the vendor and client sides. She is a great communicator and anybody willing to learn more about game localization will undoubtedly benefit from her wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Francesca has profound insights into the game localization process. She has been deeply involved in the complex process of localizing AAA franchises and knows the ins & outs of releasing games that can be enjoyed around the world – her perspective is especially interesting as it covers both client and vendor side.

I am convinced that her experience and personality will make this game localization master class and experience you do not want to miss!


Francesca is not only experienced in the many stages of game localisation but she is also a great communicator and a caring, meticulous person. She also has one of the best networks possible in this sector so professionals attending this course will enjoy the learning as well as have their questions answered with real-world solutions.


Francesca has great all-round insight of the games localization industry. She has worked as a translator and senior program manager. She has worked in-house on both the client and vendor sides, and also as a freelance contractor. She understands the demands of the industry, and the challenges of the supply chain.

I couldn’t think of a better candidate to teach this master class.

Miguel SepúlvedaGlobal Localization Manager - King
Fabio MinazziDirector of Localization Services - Keywords Studios
Carme MangironProgramme Director of the MA in Audiovisual Translation - UAB
Michaela BarteltSenior Localization Director - EA
Miguel Bernal-MerinoLecturer - University of Roehampton
Mette ClarkDirector - Alpha Games

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Francesca Sorrentino has been in the video game localization industry since 2010, covering various roles: from marketing intern and translator for online games at Wooga and Bigpoint, to Senior Multilingual Localization Specialist at Electronic Arts managing large, multilingual titles such as FIFA, to Program Manager for the Games department at Alpha CRC.

Having experienced both the client and the service provider side of the industry, Francesca recently decided to become a freelance translator and consultant and is currently working as Conference Manager for Game Global, a conference dedicated to video game localization and QA, which is continuing to give her the chance deepen her knowledge about processes, challenges and best practices in the gaming industry.

Francesca holds a B.A. in Translation and an M.A. in Conference Interpreting, which she obtained in Italy, and has spent the last 10 years living and working first in Germany and now in beautiful Barcelona, Spain.

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Master Class Instructor Francesca Sorrentino shares some of her critical insights for Video Game Localization in her new article: Video Game Localization: More than Creative Translation – now available!

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