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Globalization: The flywheel for international brand and revenue growth

Nov 6, 2019 @ 2:30 pm - 6:00 pm.

Globalization is: an efficient use of resources to design for, launch into, scale and support products and
services internationally. Your definition and prioritization for this effort will completely depend on what
role you play in the company and how your company has organized your efforts. If you are a developer-
centric organization you may obsess over the internationalization effort, and front-end and back-end
development efforts required for your launch. If you are a product and design-centric organization the
redesign or even new design for your product will be your main focus. And if you are a content person
you will need to design a content lifecycle plan to manage the exponential growth of assets and the
complexities of locale and regional specifications that must now be managed.
All of these are important factors, but they are just a few of the considerations a company should have
in globalizing their organization, services, and products. In this X hour seminar we will examine
Globalization in the enterprise and discuss theory, strategy, and praxis for successful globalization that
will help you to drive international growth and provide real ROI metrics to report your contributions to
the organization.

What is globalization?
Overview, examples

The whole is more than sum of its parts.
In-depth definition and analysis of each of the below.

Product Culturation, localization, internationalization, and the way that all of these interact to design,
create, launch, and sustain global products.

Cultural and linguistic transformation of a product or service. The end customer should feel as if the
design was specifically for their locale.

Preparing code to accept localized content, and ensuring that the software addresses as much date,
time, currency, and sorting, ordering issues. The code should also not cause localization bugs through
concatenation, variable use, hard-coded strings, or linguistic and cultural assumptions.

Product Culturation
Product culturation is the cultivation of unique locale and region specific design elements that will
appeal to the users of a globalized product or add value to the product in a new locale.


Your organization and setting a roadmap for globalizationAssessment
Accurately assessing your organization and current product line for globalization is the first step in
designing or improving globalized products or a globalization program.

Creating a strategy for globalization efforts helps to define goals, constraints, and stakeholders.
Executing the globalization strategy requires a plan of action be created from the strategic initiatives.
This process requires a fault-tolerant plan.
Training is a process of informing, educating, evangelizing, and dissuading cross-functional stakeholders.
Globalization presents particular challenges since few stakeholders will understand the subtleties and
complexities of the processes.

Measuring and iteration
Globalization metrics will require 3-5 sets of metrics to show value to the diverse stakeholders.
Production processes, product development, C-level, and content creators will all require or create
different metrics that can be leveraged to identify an overall impact on globalization.

How to Register

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About the organizer

Paul Cerda solves localization issues at scale. He has worked for two of the largest Northwest software companies where he contributed to solving the localization issues that come from large volume and complex systems.

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Nov 6, 2019
2:30 pm - 6:00 pm