Tech Translation Round Table

This year’s Translation Technology Round Table focuses on technology integration. The moderators will facilitate open communication about real-world issues, problem resolutions, and wishes for technology improvement.

Translation Technology Round Table
Translation Technology Round Table

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The objectives of the Round Table are to:

  • Promote a better understanding of translation technology integration solutions for buyers, suppliers, and every-day hands-on users
  • Create a channel of open communication for translation technology practitioners to discuss specific issues outside the confines of a single client-vendor relationship
  • Discuss the dynamics of the technology-related activities on the client and vendor sides
  • Peer-to-peer exchange of ideas
  • Sharing of experiences
  • Frank and free discussions of issues confronting the industry
  • Networking

Focus, experience, learn!

This year’s Translation Technology Round Table focuses on technology integration. The moderators will facilitate open communication about real-world issues, problem resolutions, and wishes for technology improvement.

Ideal customer-side participants are active users of technology or interested buyers. We have asked vendors to restrict their representatives to solution specialists or technical support personnel.

An Advisory Board assisted in the creation of an agenda and to facilitate the topics and presentations that comprise the 2021 event. Most Board members plan to attend the Round Table. To assess the sophistication of information that will be available to attendees at the Round Table, read the bios of the Advisory Board members. There is a lot to be learned from this group of experienced industry practitioners.

Who is there and what happens?

Most Round Table attendees have at least four years of experience in translation tools management. As a result, presentations and discussions deal with advanced topics. Newbies who wish to listen, ask questions, and learn are also welcome.

The format of the Round Table relies on short presentations, some of them impromptu, followed by extensive discussions involving as many attendees as possible.

To ensure that Round Table topics are as relevant and timely as possible for the participants, we leave the last session unplanned. The subject matter for this open session is determined onsite by the attendees. Open session topics can be proposed at any time during the event.

The Round Table’s success depends on people being willing to share information and experiences freely. To encourage that, the sessions are not recorded or republished and no formal minutes or records are kept. Attendees are free to keep their own notes.

There is one session each day reserved for vendor representatives to give quick product demos.

Discussion of translation tool prices and details of vendor contracts is not permitted.


Translation Technology Round TableIti Sahai has 15+ years combined experience in international business and globalization, delivering international growth through product-led localization strategy and best practices that fully engage targeted international audiences. She champions localization transformation into a strategic function and has been featured at industry conferences and podcasts for her ingenuity in identifying solutions that allow organizations to have a global mindset. Most recently she won an award for her global product design process innovation along with being nominated for the ‘Language Industry Person of the Year’ award.

In her free time she is most likely working on a DIY project repurposing a piece of furniture or exploring the world through food and hosting themed dinner parties.

Advisory Board Members

Translation Technology Round Table

Georg Kirchner manages a machine translation program at Dell Technologies.

Before focusing on MT, he served as a Translation Technology Manager at Dell EMC. In this role, he qualified, implemented, supported, and retired a TMS over a 7-year deployment cycle. He curated functional requirements of an extensive supply chain and partnered with the technology provider in shaping their product roadmap. Georg arrived at translation technology after 17 years on the production side, as a staff translator, LPM and PMO lead.

Richard Sikes

Translation Technology Round Table
Olga Beregovaya has over 20 years of experience in localization, translation and natural language  processing, with a particular focus on machine translation and machine learning technology development and deployment. She is currently driving AI Innovation strategy at Welocalize, one of the top 10 localization super-agencies in the world. Olga is very active in the industry; she is a frequent presenter at Localization World, TAUS, GALA and AMTA conferences and is a former president of AMTA. Olga has also presented as a guest speaker and panelist at several Women in Localization events and Technology Roundtable.

Michal Antczak