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Documentation: Reducing the Cost of Translation

Workshop Dates and Locations:

October 26 in Montreal, Canada.  This workshop is part of the LocWorld32 Montreal preconference day program. Please register for P03. You do NOT have to attend the main conference to attend this workshop.


Internationalization, a process essential to any effective globalization strategy, goes well beyond code to include both the container and the content as well as processes and can significantly decrease the cost of localization. In this workshop, participants will come away with actionable intelligence about source document architecture and authoring—from smart font and style choices to basic controlled language tips and image handling—that will help them reduce the potential costs of complex, multilingual localization projects.

Target Audience

This course is intended for document authoring and design professionals.


Workshop Agenda

1. The Problem Domain
• Context: enterprise-level globalization
• Overview: terminology and processes

2. Nuts and Bolts
• Design fundamentals and process-specific terminology
• Communication challenges
• Key concepts: expansion and leveraging
• Authoring tools

3. Text Elements and Organization
• Font support and attributes
• Text organization
• Page organization and flows
• Organization utilities

4. Do It with Style
• Overview of style utilities
• A word about Word
• Keeping it together

5. Illustrating the Point
• Container
• Placement and integration
• Portability vs. editability
• Color
• Symbols and Icons

6. Invisibles
• Metadata
• Tables of contents, indexes and lists
• Hidden and conditional text
• Cross-references and Variables

7. Gearing up for Localization
• DTP-specific components
• Localization-specific specifics
• Globalization: an exercise in rethinking communications

8. Q&A


1 Day




P03 at LOCWORLD32 Preconference

Workshop Leader

Nancy Locke
Writer, Translator, Teacher